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ThunderMax® 50 ECM with AutoTune
ThunderMax® 50 ECM with AutoTune
California ARB-Legal, Closed Loop System

The ThunderMax requires a serial port connection to your computer for programing. If your PC does not have a serial port connection, you can purchase a USB adapter from the "ThunderMax Accessories" section of the webstore (Part #372-000).

ThunderMax® 50 represents the future in development of Smart Aftermarket Products. ThunderMax® 50 provides excellent performance while meeting the tough emissions standards of California Air Resources Board. With its intelligent design, ThunderMax® 50 is continually tuning the engine, adjusting all points of the base map to meet the Air Fuel targets through Wide Band sensor feedback to the ThunderMax® AutoTune module. This proven system provides excellent performance under any riding conditions. This is the one that WORKS!

You will immediately notice an improvement in throttle response and a sharper exhaust note. As you continue to ride, you will enjoy cooler, more stabile engine temperatures with dramatic improvement in acceleration and a smoother idle.

ThunderMax® 50 is the most powerful, cost effective, compliant tuning device in the industry!

Easy to Use: ThunderMax® 50 replaces the stock EFI system, installation is a simple bolt-on task

Provides Excellent Performance: ThunderMax® 50 with wide band AutoTune technology is always on the job, tuning your engine for all throttle positions and rpm, regardless of changes in ambient conditions or exhaust systems on your motorcycle

Reduce Engine Heat and Get a Lower, Smoother Idle Speed: Your engine will run cooler with lower idle speed

Easily Eliminate Any Back Fire During Deceleration: A one-click adjustment eliminates decel pops without hassle

  • Easy Installation
  • Increased Torque & Power Over Stock System
  • Maintains Excellent Fuel Economy
  • Self Tunes Stock & Aftermarket Exhaust Systems
  • Adjust Idle Speed & Rev Limit
  • Decel Pop Control
  • Read Diagnostic Codes
  • Running Statistics / Logs
  • Engine Temp Alarm
  • Live Monitoring & Recording
  • One-Button Map Analysis

ARB Executive Order #s D-644, K-001, K-001-1, K-001-2

Retail: $899.95


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